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December favorites

December - the busiest month of the year? Hopefully it is also a month filled with cosy days and precious moments with friends or family, perhaps around a large pot of tea. We have gathered a selection of products to help you celebrate this magical time of the year at get into the christmas spirit.

Enjoy a cup of organic tea each day in December with our counting down calendar 24 Days of Tea.

White Winter is the name of a new limited edition winter blend of ours. The taste of winter is often associated with something dark, sweet and spicy, but we missed a winter tea which rather reflected the white winters in the North by being more light and crispy. The result is a white blend with cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, apple, orange peel and safflower. It is light and mild, yet at the same time sweet and spicy. White Winter comes in hand made FSC-certified oak jars which can be reused in many ways. This tea will for sure get you into the christmas spirit and is also the perfect present to the tea lover!

Our classic Christmas tea is based on a mild North Indian Assam tea which is a black tea. We added the warm spices of this season: cardamom, allspice, cloves and nutmeg. Cherries rounds off the taste with a warm fruity sweetness and makes Christmas tea the perfect Christmas dream.

If you need a little gift for someone special or if you are curious to try our different tea blends. Try a collection of 10 different teas in our little wooden Merry Christmas box.

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