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Our new herbal tea blend

We do love that late summer feeling where the trees beautifully starts to fade and the apples are sweeter and crispier than ever. Our new organic herbal tea blend is inspired by this late summer season.

ÄPPLE Ö is filled with juicy and crispy ingredients: The perfect blend of honeybush, apple, apple mint, sunflower, rhubarb and rooibos.

During the months of fall we will drink ÄPPLE Ö as a cold brewed ice tea (find recipe here) and when it gets colder outside we will drink a hot pot in the afternoon and feel the sweet summer vibes. This tea will also boost your body during the winter. Apple and rhubarb is rich on vitamin C and the Rooibos plant contains a large amount of antioxidants. Drink two cups a day of this supertea and feel the healthy benefits in your mind and body.

NuTe organic

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