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NuTe X MIJO studio

​the future is handmade

We invited the Danish-Norwegian design duo MIJO studio to design a visual concept for our new limited

edition winter tea, WINTER BOOST. MIJO studio is a Copenhagen based design studio founded by Miranda

Tengs Brun and Josefine Gilbert who have backgrounds in the field of textile design. Their experimental and

playful approach to working with colors, textures and patterns is always based on analogue techniques.

NuTe WINTER BOOST is a herbal tea blend based on all organic ingredients, carefully selected to boost your

winter with potent and spicy herbs with the taste of Scandinavia. The development of the tea blend has

been made as a collaboration between studio NuTe and MIJO studio. The creative process has taken place in

the interweaving between patternmaking, materiality and taste.

All WINTER BOOST teas are packed in unique FSC-certified oak jars with labels made by MIJO studio. In each

jar is packed a small sample of hand printed textile. Why? Because we beleive the future is handmade.

NuTe organic

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