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Open your mind and sense! Whenever we move around in and between spaces, their atmospheres store in our minds as perceptions of sensory inputs. All of our senses are closely connected. The smell and taste of wild berries and flowers on a summer day at the Swedish island Öland is captured in our blend of the same name. As well as the blend Nordic Chai is created with inspiration from a sense of the cold, dark wintery days in the North.

We asked Danish artist Matilde Friese to interpret two of our tea blends visually; Öland and Nordic Chai. She worked with water color and ink, abstractly illustrating the sensory experience of the two tea blends. The result is inspiringly light, natural, wild and poetic.

Sense of Place is a collection of blends in unique Limited Edition oak jars. The oak tree grows slowly in the forests of Scandinavia and lasts for millenia. Each jar is unique and made from FSC certified oak tree. The jar comes with 200 g. of tea and has a diameter of 14 cm. The bigger size allows you to reuse it in numerous ways.

Sense of Place is a tribute to the poetry of nature and a reminder to all of us, to enjoy and sense the

beautiful places surrounding us.

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