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Wintertime is tea time! During the cold Scandinavian winters we stay calm and warm with loads of tea: tea for cosy gatherings with friends, for the long day at work and for the days where we need a little extra energy. We have collected our favorite winter warmers.

White Winter is a new white winter tea blend with apple pieces, orange peel and spices. We do enjoy the dark winter nights, especially the ones shared with friends and family around a large pot of hot tea. Make your White Winter brew even more soft and creamy when served with milk and honey.

Our Earl Grey is a classic tea blend that we cannot live without. This black blend with the characteristic taste of bergamot is balanced and mild. Earl Grey can be enjoyed every day and works well served as an afternoon tea.

When in need of an extra little boost of energy we drink Winter Boost. It is a strengthening herbal tea blend made in collaboration with the Scandinavian design duo MIJO studio. It is filled with potent spices like ginger, cardamom, chili and revatilizing herbs like liquorice root, birch leaves and echinacea. A real pick-me-up tea, which boosts your body and lights up dark winter days.

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